A TODDLER who has been in Singapore for potentially life-saving treatment in now back in the UK to continue further treatment.

Stanley Dalton, 3, from Carlisle has T-CELL Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and his only hope of survival was to travel for treatment in Singapore, because there is no treatment available in the UK.

With the help of local people, as well as some further afield, his parents Georgia and Lee fought heard to raise £500,000 to take him out of the country for the treatment.

The fundraising target was quickly met and Stanley and Georgia were able to fly out to Singapore in August to start the treatment.

He’s had a tough few months, but has kept fighting. However, breaking the news to followers via the Save Our Stan Facebook page, Georgia revealed that the family were home safe in the UK and Stanley would continue his treatment at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary.

On the post Georgia wrote: “Stanley had his CAR-T treatment and he coped so well with it, which was amazing as we were so worried he would get a lot of problems.

“When we went to Singapore, 98 per cent of Stanley’s leukaemia was CD7 positive, which is what the CAR-T would target, but two per cent was CD7 negative. So we knew it was only going to target 98 per cent but our team hoped we would bridge to transplant and that would wipe out the remaining two per cent.

“The CAR was amazing and did its job, wiping out that 98 per cent. We had his marrow taken almost three weeks later and unfortunately that two per cent had risen to 48 per cent leukaemia in his bone marrow.”

This prompted the team to look at his cells and start him on treatment straightaway. Georgia herself had her NK cells harvested which were infused into Stanley.

Two weeks after treatment and one week after the infusion his leukaemia had gone down to just five per cent.

Georgia continued: “The decision was then made to get him back to the UK while he was well in himself. Last Monday we flew home, after almost 24 hours of travelling we got to Newcastle RVI Hospital

“On Wednesday Stanley went to theatre and had a new central line inserted, the old line removed, a change of feeding tube, lumbar puncture with intrathecal chemo, a BAL to check for any infection in his lungs as his oxygen had been dropping slightly and a bone marrow aspirate.”

At the time there was no leukaemia in his spinal fluid and his marrow was at about three to four per cent.

On Friday Stanley will start his chemo conditioning and on December 17 will receive a haplo transplant.

“Our family picked us up from the airport and I got to see Delilah which was amazing after spending over three months away from her,” added Georgia,

“She was upset I wasn’t going home but hopefully I will get to see her soon.

“I must say a huge thank you to our team in Singapore for everything they done for us, Stanley loved them all so much and they made his stay and mine such good fun.

“To Singapore airlines for gifting us our flights and being so kind and helpful every step of the journey.

“And to our team here who have always supported us. It’s so lovely to see them all again.”