A REMEMBRANCE tree now stands outside a funeral home where people can hang the name of a lost loved one to remember them.

Jill Glencross Independent Funeral Director decided to put the tree up outside the premises.

Jill recognised that a lot of remembrance services had not been able to take place this year because of Covid-19, so wanted to give people somewhere to be able to remember a family member or friend.

Talking about the tree, Jill explained: “Usually the crematorium normally every year has a memorial service at Christmas so we’d be sending out an invite to all our families who have lost someone this year asking if they wanted to attend.

“They’d normally have a Christmas tree there where people could put a tag on.

“Mainly because this year it’s not going to happen, because of what’s going on, I thought it would be quite nice to put a tree up outside here.

“Anyone we’ve looked after in the last year, which is 200 people sadly, we’re going to put their names on the tree.

“Or if the family want to come and put their names on the tree themselves then they can.”

Lots of people have already contacted the funeral home asking if they could add names to the tree.

Even people from further afield have asked Jill to add a name to the tree for them.

Jill said: “It’s just something a bit more positive in the horrible time we are in.

“We will leave it on so it’s lit all the time. So it’s quite nice when it’s dark and it’s lit.

“When we were hanging them on yesterday and people were coming and having a look and it’s quite nice.

“At least our families know we haven’t forgotten about them.”

The tree currently stands just outside of the premises in Dalston and anyone, whether you have used Jill as a funeral director or not is welcome to add a tag to the tree.