You have commented about the future our pubs face, after ‘wet’ pubs – ones that don't serve food – will be left counting the cost as Cumbria goes into tier two restrictions from today.

Tier two bans socialising with anyone you do not live with or who is not in your support bubble in any indoor setting, whether at home or in a public place; and not socialising in a group of more than six people outside, including in a garden or a public space.

Pubs and bars have been told they must close unless operating as restaurants.

Andi Sabin-Hope asked: “Why don’t they team up with a local restaurant or take away and put their menus on the table? They can be a restaurant without a kitchen.”

Phil Rickerby said: “The system is rotten to the core, all pubs should be open. Meals make absolutely no difference to buying a pint.”

John Cray said: "Covid-19 is deadly for many people but careful study of the data shows it isn’t being widely spread in pubs like this, any more than it is being spread in restaurants.

"It’s being spread primarily in schools, colleges and people’s homes. Boris and Co are ruining local economies for the wrong reasons. Lockdowns and actions to restrict the spread are essential until vaccines become widely available but keeping these pubs shut isn’t helping. It’s destroying lives and livelihoods for no purpose.”

Michelle Blacklock does not think we should be in tier two: “We shouldn’t be classed as tier 2 we just got lumped in with bigger areas that were that because the government don’t care about us.”

Charles Wood, from The Grey Goat, said: “I’m doing the maths. It’s a huge initial outlay (relative to our normal business). Allerdale BC have been very helpful, but the restrictions are beyond belief.

"Before the first lockdown we had aligned the pub as a real ale boozer, with five real ales on nearly all the time.

“With five trading months missing, our top and bottom line has been smashed to bits. Staying closed is our only option. Sad, bad days.

“Soon we’ll have no wet pubs.”