Thoughtful pupils, staff and families at Warwick Bridge Primary School have started up a food bank at the front of the school for people in the community to help themselves.

Parents, pupils, staff and carers were asked to bring in food, such as pasta and tinned products and toiletries, which are then placed on a table every Friday for anyone that needs items. People do not have to knock and check with the school first.

Headteacher Mark Ashton said: “We think that there are a number of people who are in need at this time of year so we appealed to our parents, carers, pupils and staff to bring in items of food and toiletries for anyone who would like to come and help themselves - no ID needed or any other documentation.

“We are doing this to provide a service to the community at this time when people may be feeling the pinch.”

It is the first time that the school has done their own food bank, but have regularly donated to other food banks in the area, for instance at harvest festival time.

But with this year being a particularly difficult one for people, the school decided to launch their own food bank to give a helping hand to people.

One of the children’s grandparents has even made a dozen toiletry bags for the table, complete with soap, flannel, toothpaste and toothbrush and body scrub.

Mr Ashton said they will continue to put the table out for people every Friday until December 11, then any food and toiletries will be taken to the food banks nearby.

Staff had come up with the idea while considering doing a reverse advent calendar - instead of receiving gifts, giving them - knowing people are in need at this time of year, they combined the two into the food bank idea.

Mark said: “The children have enjoyed helping to get the food bank all set up on the table and parents, staff and grandparents have been very supportive of the idea.”