A COW got more than it bargained for when it got trapped in a concrete feeding trough. Three crews from Longtown and Carlisle fire stations had to use an angle grinder to release the bovine at Sandbed Farm, Longtown. Laura Anne Ferguson, whose partner David runs the farm, thanked the firefighters who came to the rescue. “It had somehow managed to get itself stuck in a feed trough,"she said. "For the life of us we did not know how." Despite trying to free the cow themselves, they eventually had to call for backup from firefighters. “My partner could not get it out because there was a big bar in the way," she said. “We ended up dialling 999 and a Longtown fire crew came. “Two other engines came from Carlisle with the equipment. “One from Carlisle had the heavy machinery. “The cow was just stood there, oblivious to the things going on around her. “She came out with a bit of coaxing and she was absolutely fine. “We are really grateful to the crews that. "It is certainly not something that happens every day.” In a Facebook post at the time, she said: “I can never complain that life is boring. “Tonight we had a cow that decided to get itself stuck. “Me and David couldn’t get it out and it was quite stressed. “We needed to cut a three to four inch bar to get it out. "We didn’t have the equipment so we had to ring the fire brigade for help. “Finally with three crews, the vets and us the firecrew managed to free the cow and all was OK. “Thanks to the Longtown and Carlisle fire crew for attending, and to Border Vets.” A spokesman for Longtown Fire Service they were called out at 6.45pm, adding: “We don’t just rescue people.” Border Vets in Longtown were also on the scene. In a Facebook post they said: “Not your average farm call.” Residents took to Facebook to praise all those involved. One said: “Well done guys.” Another said: “Glad it all ended well.”