A BIG-hearted takeaway in Carlisle has donated thousands of pounds from its profits to help a charity that works in Nepal.

The Gurkha Spicy takeaway, on London Road, has given a whopping £5,577 to the Images of Nepal Charity which operates from Carlisle.

The takeaway, with many Nepalese staff, has since 2012 donated five per cent of its profits to the cause.

This year, however, it was able to up its donations after becoming much busier during the two lockdowns. Because of higher demand, the business has now decided to donate five per cent of turnover rather than profit, meaning a large increase in contributions.

The takeaway’s manager Shiva Pathak, said: “It is very good to know that out of the sadness of coronavirus, three girls can have a chance to become nurses in Nepal.

“Our staff are either Hindus or Buddhists.

“Our faith tells us to help those less fortunate than ourselves”

The Carlisle-based secretary of the charity, Kevin Smith, said: “Images of Nepal is just a small charity that makes a massive difference to the lives of those in Kirtipur, Nepal who are sponsored.

“Three young ladies in Nepal will have the chance of a good life because of the generosity of Gurkha Spicy takeaway.”

He added that communities in the area were facing increased hardship because they were also going though lockdown and many are unable to work to support their families.

Kevin added: “This year we know they’re going short.”

The charity works to improve people’s lives in the Kirtipur area of the country and the money raised will pay for one third of a three-year course, to sponsor three girls to train as nurses.

One of the projects that the charity is completing at the moment is the rebuilding of 25 houses which were destroyed by the earthquake in 2015.

For more information about the work of the charity, or to donate, go online to its website – www.imagesofnepal.org