A Carlisle mum who has been diagnosed with incurable cancer has completed two marathons while undergoing chemotherapy.

Readers have sent well-wishes and messages of support for Nicola Berry who is fighting cancer for the second time.

Donna Nisbet-Cubby posted: “Wow! This is absolutely amazing. Massive well done to you. Such an inspiration. Keep fighting this terrible disease.”

Mandy Barnes said: “Absolutely incredibly brave lady! Sending love and prayers to you and your family.”

Louise Wood wrote: “You really are an amazing person Nicola. Every word people on here have said is so true. Such an inspiration.”

Susan Jackson said: “What an inspiration – such an incredible woman, so brave. Sending love to all the family.”

Nigel Woodmass said: “Nicola, what a beautiful and inspirational lady you are, and a genuinely nice person too. Keep fighting, I know you will have the full support of all your lovely family members too.”

Marion Richardson said: “What an amazing lady, it brought tears to my eyes. Well done.”

Sue Clarke said: “Nicola you're amazing and a true inspiration. Sending you and your family lots of love.”

Maureen Robinson said: “Lots of love Nicola, I do hope everything comes right for you.”

Tracey Smallwood said: “You are an inspiration Nic – love to you and all the family.”

Sarah Benson posted: “Can’t even put in to words how inspirational you are Nicola. Amazing.”

Gaz McVittie said: “An inspiration to all of us! Unbelievable achievements to complete a marathon, never mind two. Hoping to see you guys very soon.”

Sonia Sellars said: “Amazing Nicola! Such an incredible thing to accomplish. Sending lots of love.”

And Catherine Pilkington said: “Nicola, you are a true inspiration. Sending love and prayers – your boys will be so proud of their fabulous, glamorous Mummy.”