MAGISTRATES have imposed a year-long ban on an Aspatria woman who has admitted three driving offences – including failing to stop after an accident which left a woman injured.

At Carlisle’s Rickergate court, Jacqueline Patrica Brown, 64, of Harriston, Aspatria, admitted the following three offences, all of which were committed on Wednesday, May 13:

n Driving a BMW on the A596 - King Street - when she had no valid insurance as required in law;

n Driving at 11.30am that day in a way that was not authorised by her licence: the defendant held only a provisional licence and yet drove without being supervised by a qualified driver;

n And, on the same occasion, being the driver of a vehicle which was involved in an accident that led to a woman being injured, she failed to stop as required in law.

The injured person was named in court papers are Maggie May.

The defendant had previously denied the third charge but changed her plea to guilty during a hearing this week.

Magistrates fined Brown £135 for failing to stop, along with a £34 victim surcharge and prosecution costs of £400.

For the uninsured driving offence, they fined her £140. There was no separate penalty imposed for the offence of driving otherwise than in accordance with her provisional driving licence.