Cumbria's director of public health says schools should remain open despite outbreaks of coronavirus – as two leading teachers called for more help from the Government.

Richard Rose Central Academy in Carlisle ordered students to work from home after 30 pupils and more than a dozen staff had either tested positive for the virus or were self-isolating.

Meanwhile, Caldew School, on Carlisle Road in Dalston, revealed a positive coronavirus test in its “school community.” The school said the case affected the Year 10 bubble but the site remains open.

Cumbria’s director of public health, Colin Cox, said that about 20 per cent of schools in the county were dealing with coronavirus cases.

The issue split opinion on the News & Star's Facebook page.

Janice Roberts commented: "So keep schools open for those who need them, and online/blended learning for those who are able to work from home. Give parents the choice.

"If those who can work from home did, then I’m sure class sizes would be smaller and distancing can then take place."

Meanwhile, Hayley Danielle posted: "Yes. Children need to learn and there’s only so much you can do at home. Some parents don’t even bother home learning. Can’t keep closing schools etc as it messes with the children’s mental health."

Amelia Thompson said: "No, because we can learn from home by teachers sending emails of the work and doing the work then you send it back.

"If schools don’t feel this would work then zoom calls could happen. Then if people don’t have the resources for this then you could have the work posted home.

"If people are doing GCSE’s then they should be able to do them in school."

Steve Armstrong commented: "I'm in two minds. I think they probably should have stayed closed to help stop the spread but it's also a bit impractical for parents who still have to go to work.

"It's a situation where you can't win whatever you do because both options cause problems."

Brian Smith said: "Yes they should stay open. My boy depends on school for his development. With months out of school he showed major regression and some autistic traits heightened.

"But now he's back in school, there's been great behavioural and development improvements. Due to routines, home-schooling was impossible. We cannot hide from this and staying indoors will only drop numbers, not get rid of a virus."