Students at a Brampton school have been helping the community as part of a new house system.

Pupils at William Howard School, Longtown Road, have been getting involved in raising money, bringing in items for SHINE’s foodbank and writing letters to residents of a local care home.

Associate headteacher, Tracey Hill, said: “There are four houses that are named after Tanzanian trees – because students have visited Uru School in the country for more than 30 years.

“Each house has a staff, and student, head of house and they lead on events for local charities.”

Acacia house is focusing on Mission Christmas/Cash4Kids, Baobab will focus on Age UK Carlisle and Eden and Shine Foodbank Brampton, Mpingo is focussed on Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw and Ndizi will help Guide Dogs for the Blind.

She added: “Students collect house points for specific learning achievements and, outside of the classroom, for demonstrating respect, responsibility and resilience.

“Each point has a monetary value of 1p and this amount is added up weekly.

“The total amount will be presented to the charity at the end of the year – this is funded by a local business partner.

“By raising money this way and by bringing in donations, it teaches them that we are all part of a community and that their actions can make a difference to others.

“Asking for a monetary donation does not always have the impact of showing students the meaning of charity – so we do not ask for money from parents for any house event.”