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Here are the answers to some of the most searched questions about Cumbria:

  • Can

Can I travel to Cumbria now?

Lockdown restrictions mean that travelling, both within and outside Cumbria, must be avoided.

However, there are circumstances where you are allowed to travel, such as for work, medical appointments, for education.

Can you see Ireland from Cumbria?

News and Star: Views of the Whitehaven coastViews of the Whitehaven coast

(Photo: Geograph/ Graham Robson)

According to the National Trust, you can see views of Northern Ireland on the Whitehaven Coast- that’s if the weather is on your side and the skies are clear.

  • Which

Which lakes can you swim in Cumbria?

You can swim in most of the lakes, tarns and rivers in the Lake District.

However, swimming is not allowed in Ennerdale Water, Haweswater resevoir, Thirlmere resevoir and Kentmere resevoir.

Which bin shall I put out in Penrith?

It’s a chore we have to do every week- but it’s still impossible to remember which bin to put out.

If you are still waiting for your neighbours to put theirs out, you can view your bin collection calendar online.

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Where can I get a Covid test in Cumbria?

There are plenty of Covid testing centres in Cumbria.

There are mobile testing units in Barrow, Egremont, Haverigg, Kendal, Kirkby Stephen, Lillyhall and Penrith.

There is also a walk through testing facility at the Castle Car Park in Carlisle- this is open from 8am-8pm every day.

Find out more information on the NHS website.

Where is the post office in Workington?

The Workington Post Office address is: 12 Murray Road, Workington, CA142AD.

Where is Penrith Castle?

As the title suggests, the castle is in Penrith, just a few miles east of The Lake District National Park.

The full address is: Castle Terrace ,Penrith, CA117EA

Where are Carlisle in the league?

Currently, Carlisle United are sixth in the league.

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Is Carlisle a nice place to live?

News and Star: The Citadel, CarlisleThe Citadel, Carlisle

(Photo: Geograph/JThomas)

This question is entirely subjective, but we think Carlisle is a great place to live.

It’s especially great for those who love the outdoors as the Lake District is only half an hour away.

However, Carlisle is also a bustling city with a lot of great night life, so it can satisfy many people’s preferences.

Is Carlisle the biggest city in England?

While it might not be the biggest by population, it is the largest city by size and area.

Is Cockermouth worth a visit?

Absolutely! There is a lot of history and culture in Cockermouth.

Once lockdown restrictions ease, make sure to pay a visit to Wordsworth House and Cockermouth Castle.

Is Workington tip open?

During the first lockdown, waste and recycling centers were forced to close.

However, tips across Cumbria are open during this lockdown- including the Household Recycling Centre in Workington.

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Which constituency is Cockermouth in?


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How to pronounce Carlisle

This can be a tricky word to pronounce if you aren’t familiar with it- but the ‘S’ is silent.

  • Who

Who is the High Sheriff of Cumbria

High Sheriff for 2020-2021 is Julie Barton. For those who don’t know, appointing a High Sheriff is a tradition that goes back more than 1000 years.

The High Sheriff used the be the principal law enforcement officer in the county.

However, todays duties include attendance at Royal Visits and escorting High Court Judges on circuit in the county.

Who is the coroner in Cumbria?

Kally Cheema is HM Senior Coroner right now.

Who owns Carlisle United?


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It is co-owned by Andrew Jenkins, Steven Pattison and John Nixon.

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Why is Keswick so popular?

There are plenty of reasons why tourists flock to Keswick.

The landscape is so beautiful that it inspired poets from the Romantic era.

It’s also a great place for a spot of shopping and it has been voted the UK’s most dog friendly town on several occasions.

Why is Cockermouth called Cockermouth?

The name is related to rivers.

The River Cocker flows from the south to enter the River Derwent here.

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When was Carlisle Castle built?

News and Star: Carlisle CastleCarlisle Castle

(Photo: Geograph/ David Dixon)

The first part of the castle was built in 1092 by by William II.      

When is Keswick Christmas market?

The Keswick Christmas market is usually a highlight of many people’s December, but the Keswick Victorian Fayre has been cancelled this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

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What’s Carlisle like for a night out?

Pre-pandemic, you could have a fantastic night out in Carlisle.

Botchergate is the place to be if you want to visit the most vibrant and quirky bars.

Elsewhere, The Lane Bar serves a fantastic cocktail and The Thin White Duke is the bar to head to if you want to listen to music.