Testing for coronavirus is set to double with the opening of two new 'mega labs' in early 2021, the Government has said.

Testing capacity for Covid-19 could increase by 60,000 with the opening of laboratories at Leamington Spa and an as-yet-unknown location in Scotland.

The Government has recently begun a pilot phase of mass testing with plans to roll out a new-style test that it is hoped can identify asymptomatic cases. The current testing capacity of the UK is around 519,000 tests per day.

New labs boast the creation of 4,000 new jobs and the facilities are set to test for other illnesses including cancer

Although the UK’s testing capacity is 519,000, Friday’s figures saw 379,955 tests carried out.

Testing capacity is defined as how many tests can be processed in the lab every day. Meanwhile, the NHS is set to open 40 'long Covid' clinics.

Covid-19 tests are currently being prioritised for those who have symptoms.