Villagers are pleased a community asset which was a source of many memories is not set to fall into “rack and ruin” with plans to turn Broughton British Legion into a home.
The new owner of the building, David Weir, has applied to Allerdale Council for permission to convert the property into a three-bedroom home.
And while residents admitted seeing the legion go was a “sad day” for Great Broughton, they were happy that the building would not be left to fall into disrepair after it hosted plenty of community events over the years
Resident Sue Hannah said: “I don’t want it to deteriorate into nothing. It used to be a lively event and socialising place, but all the drinking houses have struggled over the years, even before Covid. It’s a sad day, but that is the way of the world.”
Broughton parish councillor Adrian Davis Johnston agreed. He said: “We’ve had loads of dos there over the years, christenings, funerals, discos.
“It’s a shame it’s going, but it’s not going to go to rack and ruin like some places.
“There are a lot of memories, but we should be glad that someone wants to bring life to it.”
Gill Warren, who works in Great Broughton Village Stores said: “I don’t want it to change, but I don’t want it to stand empty. Overall a lot of buildings are standing empty, which is a waste.”
In the application, Mr Weir confirmed that there would be “no external change” to the building.
He said: “It’s a beautiful old building, with a lot of history about it.
“I just want to restore it to its best.”
Neighbour Norman Marshall said: “For anyone that wanted to put a do on, the legion was the place they used, and now there isn’t anywhere.
“It’s a sad day for the village. The British Legion’s clubs are all closing down.”