A MUM whose house was devastated by fire on Friday, wiping out a lifetime of memories including all her children’s toys, has been overwhelmed at the generosity of the community in helping her rebuild her life.

Amy Johnson was celebrating her 24th birthday with a friend on Friday. She said: “I fell asleep with the chip pan on and the full house burned down.”

The fire destroyed everything inside it, and Amy was only able to salvage a few photos.

Luckily her two sons were away – three-year-old Junior Robertson was staying with Amy’s auntie Sally Johnson and the oldest, six-year-old Kalan Johnson, was staying with Amy’s gran Margaret Johnson.

Ruth McDonald ran an appeal for the family on Facebook for Paw Patrol items to replace Kalan’s toys and said the support has been fantastic.

She said: “We live among absolutely fantastic people. Everybody comes together without a second thought. It’s been a fantastic response from people from Copeland and Allerdale.”

Amy said she put the chip pan on at about 12.30pm then fell asleep. She was woken by her friend Zak who was alerted by the fire alarm going off at 5.30am.

She said: “I 100 per cent thank the fire alarm for saving our lives.”

Amy thanked the “absolutely brilliant” community.

She said: “I’ve had offers of clothes, toys, bikes, scooters, Christmas hampers, beds, wardrobes and sofas, people keep offering us things. The community has been incredible.

“Morrisons in Whitehaven made us a hamper, David Todd bought us brand new clothes and butcher Dave Savage bought us brand new beds and said he will do our meat for our Christmas dinner.

“I want to thank everybody for everything that they have done and all the support I’ve got and my family and we are so very lucky.”

Amy is now staying in a hotel and her children are staying with family. She has been told it will take 56 days before she can get a house and said: “I’m just struggling to try and get a house for Christmas, the only thing that’s important is just finding my kids a home for Christmas.”

If anyone has a house to rent and thinks they can help, they can contact Amy on 07516 463316.

The fire service said three fire engines attended the house fire in Cumberland Road, Hensingham early on Saturday morning.

They used breathing apparatus and administered oxygen at the scene. Amy and her friend Zak were then taken by ambulance to West Cumberland hospital.

Amy added: “I really want to thank the community and my family while I piece my life together and my nanna for supporting me and doing all she can and my mam and friend Debbie and sister Danielle and Tony and Scott Robertson and Ruth for putting out the appeal.”

If anyone would like to donate to the go fund me page the link is at: https://www.gofundme.com/f/mrey2-niece-lost-everything-in-house-fire?utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_medium=copy_link_all