THERE are some stunning properties in Cumbria- and some of them have been praised for their architectural brilliance.

This is your chance to take a look inside two unique properties that featured on Channel Four show, ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’.

This show has been running since 2012 and focuses on people who turn unconventional structures into fantastic places to live.

One property that featured on the show in 2014 is ‘The Lodge’ in Edenhall, Penrith.

News and Star: The cabin featured on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces(Photo: Canopy and Stars)The cabin featured on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces(Photo: Canopy and Stars)

This quaint cabin is located in a rural spot on the banks of the River Eamont.

Here, you truly are immersed in nature and people have spotted deer drinking from the river and pheasants meandering around the area.

You are encouraged to take life at a glacial pace at this lodge; embark on a hike in the woods or spend the day fishing and trying to catch your own salmon.

Inside the lodge itself, the furnishings are simply and designed with comfort in mind.

News and Star: Inside the cabin (Photo: Canopy and Stars)Inside the cabin (Photo: Canopy and Stars)

Ideal for the winter months, there is a log burner inside which you can huddle up next to in the plush armchair.

There are three bedrooms in total and one has to be accessed via a wrought iron staircase.

News and Star: A bedroom inside the property (Photo: Canopy and Stars)A bedroom inside the property (Photo: Canopy and Stars)

Also in the cabin is a kitchen with everything you need for a hearty meal.

Outside, you will find a hot tub where you can soak away your troubles while gazing at the stars.

News and Star: Soak in the hot tub (Photo: Canopy and Stars)Soak in the hot tub (Photo: Canopy and Stars)

You might be in a secluded spot, but there is still high speed WiFi at the lodge so you can reconnect with the rest of the world if necessary.

Up to six people can stay at this cabin- prices start from £280 per night.

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Another unconventional Penrith property that featured on the show is a ‘Wanderlusts’ gypsy cabin.

News and Star: The wagon(Photo: Canopy and Stars)The wagon(Photo: Canopy and Stars)

It can sleep up to four people and is suitable for both adults and children.

With this authentic bowtop wagon caravan, you can really experience life on the road and you trundle through Cumbria in your horse drawn wagon.

News and Star: (Photo: Canopy and Stars)(Photo: Canopy and Stars)

You will be led by a guide who knows the landscape well- he will talk you through the history and folklore rife in the county.

News and Star: Cook food over the fireCook food over the fire

When the time comes to bed down, you will be dropped off in a former farmers’ quarry or a riverside spot which is close to a local pub.

You can cook dinner on the campfire and then drift off into a comfortable night’s sleep.

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