Fast action from a dedicated group of volunteers has meant children can still go to school and the impact of flooding in Appleby was kept to a minimum.

The town has been battered over the years and has been subjected to constant flooding and now has a team of volunteers who are ready to dive in and help reduce the impact on the community's homes and businesses whenever they’re needed.

The fast-acting team helped put up flood defences and, thankfully, the heavy rainfall didn’t leave as much destruction as the two flooding incidents earlier this year caused but nonetheless the team were there to help.

More than three metres of water rushed through Appleby as the county was battered with rain overnight. Volunteers rallied round to help the community stay afloat.

As the water levels kept rising Appleby Emergency Response Group worked through the night, keeping in regular contact with the Environment Agency.

The warning to take immediate action came just after 4am and, by 5.30am the River Eden had burst its banks along The Sands and was on the pavement. As the morning progressed, the team managed to keep the town moving, enabling children to have access to school.

The Met Office issued another weather warning saying: “Further heavy rain is expected which may lead to further flooding.”

A spokesman from Appleby Grammar School said: “Big thanks to Appleby Emergency Response Group for assisting in making sure students could safely travel to school following the heavy rain.”

The emergency team had not sounded the alarm as they had been assured the water levels would subside. The team kept in close contact with EA and closed The Sands at 7.30am and the flood warning was lifted just before 1pm yesterday.