Cumbria's director of public health has warned members of the public to avoid having any blowouts or parties before a second national lockdown begins on Thursday.

This worry comes as businesses look to capitalise on the remaining days, with pub chain JD Wetherspoons announcing they will be selling their real ale for 99p.

Colin Cox, director of public health for Cumbria, believes that if people in the county work together, then the position that the county is in will be much more positive when lockdown is over, which is currently set to be on December 2.

He said: “In Cumbria as a whole, we have been tracing the national trend in the statistics but slightly lower than the national average in cases.

“In terms of Christmas I think if we can observe the lockdown strictly it would give us the chance of normality. However, I do not think Christmas will be ‘normal’ in any case.

“If we do not do the national lockdown now, we would not have the Christmas with any degree of normality.

“So, I think the Government has done the right thing in calling for a national lockdown.”

“Clearly restrictions are being brought in nationally for a reason.

“It is not an excuse for having a party on Wednesday night before lockdown begins.

“This has been done in order to manage an epidemic.

“We must work together in order to bring cases and rates down.

“The national guidance is clear, stay home. There are fewer restrictions than there was in the first lockdown so there will be more people going to work and out.

“But I ask that the public please take this seriously and wash your hands regularly and wear face coverings in public spaces to stop the spread.”

There is still no guarantee which tier Carlisle will be in when lockdown ends though.

“The situation in Carlisle is stabilizing now." he said. "However, they still have the highest rates in Cumbria and still higher than the national average.

“In terms of the tiers after lockdown, it is too early to tell whether Carlisle will be still in Tier 2."