Would you ever be brave enough to visit Cumbria’s most haunted places?

Joanne Ellwood started the West Cumbria paranormal group S.P.I.R.I.T UK (Solway Paranormal) around seven years ago.

During this time, they have visited some of the spookiest locations in Cumbria, conducting investigations and trying to help people with a paranormal issue at home.

The Maryport woman said: “The purpose of the group has evolved over the years.

“We used to want to find evidence and do scary investigations but now we want to help people who need to get rid of a spirit.

“We do the occasional paranormal event and investigation but a lot of what we do is private- we help people in their own homes.”

One of the most haunted places Joanne has visited is a care home in Carlisle.

A woman got in touch with the team and said the residents were seeing things that she couldn’t see.

She also used to go into the rooms and something would pull the covers off and even try to pull a person out of the bed

The woman also noted that every morning, a metal file in the room would be moved.

While investigation, the team set up a camera in the room with this metal file.

Joanne said you can see “light anomalies” in the footage and unexplained noises of the metal cabinet being moved. What do you think of the footage?

The team also visited the notoriously haunted Laser quest in Carlisle that used to be a county jail.

People have reported seeing a man in black and even the spirit of a hangman in this building.

However, Joanne and the team said they found monks at the building.

Joanne said: “All of our audio recordings talked about monks in the building.

“You actually find you get a lot of monk sightings in Cumbria- especially around Workington.”

According to Joanne, another scary place she has investigated is in Muncaster Castle in Ravenglass.

The team did a full investigation of this location and posted the footage to YouTube.

News and Star: Muncaster CastleMuncaster Castle

(Photo: Geograph/Jeff Buck)

Joanne said: “I heard a voice in my head that said ‘monkey noises’.

“Myself and other members of the team heard something make monkey noises- we caught it on camera but it’s very faint”

Joanne and the team have also experiences a lot of paranormal things at the Helena Thompson museum in Workington.

She said: “Something happens here every time we go.

“One time I had just plugged the camera in the room went really cold-  and I heard a man laughed in my ear.

“When I got out of that room I was so scared that I ran to the rest of the team.

“We were told afterwards that the spirit in that room had a thing for women with blonde hair- and my hair was blonde at the time.”

At this musesum, the team also believe the caught the image of a ghost head on camera.

(Credit: Facebook/ Joanne Ellwood, S.P.I.R.I.T UK (Solway Paranormal))

Do you see a ghostly head appear in the middle left of the screen shortly after the clip starts?

The team also visited a former Victorian manor house and hospital in Kendal.
Joanne said: “It’s really not a nice place- it makes you feel threatened.

(Facebook/ Joanne Ellwood, S.P.I.R.I.T UK (Solway Paranormal))

“As soon as I walked through the hospital part I heard someone whisper my name- another woman on my team heard it too.

Joanne also claimed to make eye contact with a figure in a black Victorian dress- Joanne is not the first person to have spotted this woman either.

Have you ever visited any of these paranormal places in Cumbria? Let us know in the comments.

Find out more about S.P.I.R.I.T UK by visiting their Facebook page.