Death threats and violence are just a few of the messages a Copeland councillor has been subjected to.

Trying to help people with mental health issues and give people a place to talk anonymously is what Councillor Gemma Dinsdale wanted for her constituents.

After becoming an admin for a Facebook group, she tried to prevent bullying and make the page a nicer place.

The councillor was made aware that people were getting out of hand with comments and people started bullying people each other worried that mental health effected she attached a link to her anonymous support service.

Since this Miss Dinsdale has been subjected to vile messages, she said: "I set up the chat in March so people were able to talk about mental health.

"People should have a platform to complain but people are attacking instead of helping. We wanted to have a serious discussion and call out bullies.

"The messages I got were just shameful.
"I'm a strong person but if this happened to someone else it could have tipped them over the edge."

Understanding that she is in the public eye, she is just shocked at the attitude people have and believes bullying is unacceptable anywhere.

The 23-year-old is worried about her safety said: "It's scary, you hear about this type of abuse at the top-level government but getting this type of abuse at a local level is shocking.

"I would like to think it is just keyboard warriors but it has now made me question if this is a safe job to do."

In a post to the page, she posted: "To all those sending abuse and threats to my anonymous message service can you politely stop.

"Sending me death threats, suggesting I kill myself and remove myself from office, telling me to be ashamed in myself is just taking my time away from genuine people who need support."