A MUM has recalled the pain and loss at the death of her unborn son, just days before she was due to be induced.

Laura Quinn and Dale Gibson, from Seaton, Workington, have bravely spoken of their heartache, to help raise awareness of the charity which supported them.

Roman Derek Quinn Gibson, their stillborn baby, was born at 38 weeks old. The couple had been told that he had a minor kidney condition, but were very shocked to hear the terrible news that their baby had died.

The couple want others to know the comfort that they gained from ‘Remember My Baby’, which offers a gift of baby remembrance photographs.

Louise Brogdon, a volunteer photographer with the charity, took photos of Roman for the couple.

Laura said: “We lost our little boy ten weeks ago. He was stillborn.

“Our baby was quite fragile and was not up to being held, and having the photos has given us something that we can show our other two children, aged five and 10.

“We were given a memory stick with the photos on. It’s such an important charity as well – it’s just a really nice memory at such a nasty time. It is a big comfort.”

The charity raises funds so that they can provide the USB sticks free, but photographers also provide their time for free.

Laura said: “Louise is not always going to be able to get there and it’s coming home and editing the photos and delivering them to family, there is behind the scenes work. A small team of photographers would be better.”

“There is currently only Louise doing this as a photographer with the charity - they need more new born photographers to come forward.”

Roman’s dad Dale Gibson said the photos were a big comfort to them. He said: “It was a massive comfort. Although it seems something small, a gesture, it is massive. It’s so worthwhile, it’s the only picture you have.”

The couple’s other children, Harper Chandler, five and Archie Chandler, 10 have struggled with the loss of their brother, but Dale said having the photo has helped to make it real for them.

He added: “Louise is a lovely lady and thanks to her she made a massive difference to the fact we’ve got him here.”

Laura would definitely recommend the service to others, though they could not look at the photos straight away.

She said: “You don’t wish this on anyone, but the more memories the better. Just accept the service. We couldn’t look at the pictures straight away, but to have them there you are so thankful. We also got footprints and a memory box donated by other charities. Even if you are not sure have them, it’s the only opportunity you are going to get.”

With lockdown restrictions in full force, she said she received the news that her baby had died on her own. She said: “Even when I got the horrific news Dale was in the car in the car park.” She said he was allowed to be there when she had Roman, but everyone had to wear face masks.

Laura said that although the experience was absolutely awful for them, Whitehaven and Workington midwives team and bereavement midwife Kerry Pape were all brilliant.

She said: “Whitehaven and Workington midwives team are second to none, they did everything brilliantly. The bereavement midwife Kerry Pape she is brilliant and deals with all your care throughout and she comes out to visit us.”

“There was also the Bluebell ward, at the edge of the maternity ward which has been done up for parents to go and stay there as long as you need.”

The couple are still numb from the experience, but have gained great comfort from the photographs.

Laura said: “Even though we’re 10 weeks on we’re still very very numb with the situation. You try and avoid social situations. Face masks have helped us quite a lot as people don’t recognise you - they do want to offer condolences but there are only so many times you can hear it. The school run was the hardest, we would go right at the last second. It gets easier now.”

Laura said the photo has helped their children. She said: “Our youngest one doesn’t really understand. She just thinks Roman’s gone to heaven. The photos are the big thing, she likes the photo, she asks questions. The eldest understands but doesn’t like to talk about it, he just gets on with it.”

Both of Seaton’s schools held non-uniform days and raised just under £1,000 for the charity.

'Remember My Baby' can be contacted directly via their freephone number 0808 189 2345 to try and source a volunteer.

The charity is looking for more newborn photographers that could volunteer.

Donations which can help continue this free service can be made at www.remembermybaby.org.uk or by calling them on Tel: 0808 189 2345