A COMMUNITY was not going to let Covid-19 spoil the harvest festival fun.

Friends of Moor Row fundraising group and Moor Row School were determined to find a way to continue with a harvest festival collection, to help people in their community.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the school was unable to accept donations into the building.

So this year arrangements were made to allow for a socially distanced collection to take place.

Donation boxes were placed outside each of Moor Row Primary school’s gates each morning.

They were then removed after the children had been dropped off at school and all food was taken to a storage area to be quarantined.

A box was positioned daily at the school main entrance where members of the community could also contribute to the harvest collection.

Chairwoman of the Friends of Moor Row, Rachel McLaren said: “The number of donations received far exceeded our expectations and we are so happy to be able to pass the food on to those who need it.”

Copeland Councillor for Moor Row and Bigrigg, Graham Calvin, collected all the donated food and took it to the North Lakes Egremont Foodbank centre at The Hub, The Meeting Place, Egremont.

Cllr Calvin said: “The kids did really well with the foodbank collection, it is a real bonus for the village. These events unite the community and these kids will grow up with a sense of community, like their parents.

“I had a four wheel drive which was piled high with the seats down. It took six of us two journeys to transport the food to the Methodist Church, to the foodbank.

“The community group are doing a lot in the village, they are a very active group and are currently collecting clothes to raise money for the school for computers.

“The container is arriving this week, details will be on Moor Row community facebook.

“Food from the collection will be distributed amongst the local community. I would like to thank all those that gave donations, it’s a real contribution.”