Three car crash and a man wielding a knife was just another day in the life for Cumbria's emergency services.

Crews for Cumbria Fire and Rescue service had a joint training session with Cumbria police.

The exercise involved a hooligan waving a knife round and forced the officers to control the situation while firefighter rescued the casualties.

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Station manager Owen McCarney said: "Many thanks to the police for participating in this evenings road traffic collision exercise.

"A three-car road traffic collision involving a knife-wielding hooligan.

"They [the police] controlled the scene, incapacitating the knifeman and allowing us to rescue the casualties."

Pleased to be of assistance a spokesman for Cumbria roads police said: " We made it extremely realistic and you must still be a bit in shock at how good we were.

"We had you covered."

The jovial response masked the seriousness of the job in hand and how important it is for all the services to work together and be able to anticipate each other reactions and need in their roles.