Police are stepping up their presence in a town dogged with antisocial drivers.

After pleading with the police, Wigton will now have dedicated officers in the town to help stop would-be criminals in their tracks.

On the back of a high profile drugs bust, this action could not come at a better time and town councillor Elaine Lynch is pleased action has been taken she said: " Having the police on the streets will be a big deterrent and make people think twice.

"We do have a problem with anti-social drivers and when our CCTV goes live we will be able to track them and the officers who will already be in town will be able to take action."

"We're absolutely delighted, it's great to see officers being deployed in Wigton again.

"It is something that we have been wanting for quite a while, we've had discussions earlier in the year with the PCC and they were very positive.

"I think it will make the people of Wigton feel safer and feel that they're protected."

The town will see five dedicated officers in the town, they will be on hand for rapid response and be able to follow any investigations.

Announcing the new plans was Inspector Steven Waddell he said: "Having the extra officers in the area will mean they are able to target certain issues such as drugs and anti-social driving.

"The town council have pushed to have this extra support and it has worked in other areas in the county."

Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall said: "We all know that communities across the county want to see police they're reassured by that but there is the reality that we need the police in the community to know what is going on and to get to know the people and to deal with crime preferably before it starts. Particularly with young people, to get them on the right tracks before they do get into trouble.

"Of course there is serious crime that goes on all over our county, only last week we had a significant find of a cannabis farm in Wigton so it is essential that we try and get police back into the community and that's what the extra officer we have got over the last three years is no allowing us to do. It's not as quick as I would like, I would love to have even more but we're on the right track and I think it is defiantly the right thing to be doing."