A Cumbrian MP has hit out at those “abusing” him and others on social media.

Mark Jenkinson, the Member of Parliament for Workington, has condemned those who use social media to “abuse” him and others.

Mr Jenkinson praised the usefulness of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for their power to connect him to the residents of Workington.

He said that the social media platforms are “great to share with you the work I’m doing across the constituency, and for gathering your feedback.”

However, he added that on these social media platforms, he has noticed “an uptick in people abusing me and others, and an increase in general rudeness from a small minority.”

Mr Jenkinson condemned abusive behaviour that is shown on social media.

“My team don’t need to see it, and I won’t hesitate to block anyone who is rude or abusive," he said.

Abusive messages on social media directed at politicians have been a source of growing concern for several years.

With public political debate increasingly taking place online, much attention has been paid to the extent to which MPs and other figures face harassment and abuse online.

Research published this year by Genevieve Gorrell and others in the EPJ Data Science journal highlighted that the most recent UK general election, in which Mr Jenkinson was elected to his Workington seat, took place against a “background of rising online hostility levels toward politicians, and concerns about the impact of this on democracy.”

A “record number” of politicians gave the abuse they had been receiving as a reason for not standing in 2019.

The researchers found that there had been an increase in abuse at politicians in 2019, compared to the 2017 UK general election period. They also found that abuse levels had climbed “month on month throughout 2019,” as the election drew closer.

“Abuse also escalated throughout the campaign period,” they added.

They also found that, on average, men received more “general and political abuse,” women received more sexist abuse and Conservatives candidates received more political and general abuse.