SPREAD some kindness among your neighbourhood next month as part of a countywide day of kindness.

Kind Cumbria Day is set to return this year and the organisation behind it is calling on Cumbrian residents to take part in a random act of kindness in a bid to spread some cheer among the county.

It is being organised by ACTion with Communities in Cumbria and will return on November 13 to link in with World Kindness Day.

Lorrainne Smyth, chief executive of ACTion with Communities in Cumbria, said: “We are often told about the ‘new normal’ since COVID-19, but why does the new normal have to mean isolating ourselves entirely?

"Could the ‘new norm’ mean adopting kindness, like the great acts of kindness that were shown in our communities during lockdown?

"Could it mean getting a neighbours shopping, baking someone a cake, drawing a rainbow for a loved one?

"It would be lovely to ‘pay it back’ to someone who was kind to you during the pandemic and passing on the kindness to someone else.”

For this year's Kind Cumbria Day, which is sponsored by Electricity North West, the organisation is asking people to make a pledge of kindness or to share stories of other people's kindness.

Random acts of kindness could involve taking a slice of cake to a neighbour, visiting a relative, making a cup of tea for someone, or picking up some litter in the community.

It's a day that will bring a little piece of light to people's lives during a difficult time.

“A second wave of COVID19, or lockdown does not have to stop us showing kindness either – there are endless things our communities can do for one another – so everyone can get involved.

"Acts of kindness don’t have to cost money – it is simply about being kind to someone else.

"We would love for anyone to join the campaign by making a pledge, sharing any events, initiatives or activities with us, any photos, case studies or stories of all things kind and neighbourly using #KindCumbria and #KindCumbriaDay – let’s show the rest of the UK what a kind place Cumbria is to live.”

The organisation is also inviting schools to get involved by making flags of kindness to fly the flag of kindness.

For more information visit www.cumbriaaction.org.uk/what-we-do/kind-cumbria