The heartbreaking moment one woman decided to give life and love to disabled dogs has now been highlighted as her mission is named rescue of the year.

Victoria Bryceson, who runs Miracle’s Mission in Carlisle, has spent the last six years helping more than 6,000 animals and more than 100 disabled dogs to find happiness.

The animal lover discovered the plight of these animals on a holiday to Borneo where she saw hundreds of dogs walking the streets injured.

The decision to make a change was easy and she had no doubt in her mind that she needed to help.

She said: “In Borneo, these dogs were not all pets they were just left to roam and were just having more puppies. The best way to reduce the injuries was to set up a neutering programme.”

In 2015 Miracle’s Mission was founded after the trip to Borneo made her aware of the severity of the street dog population.

Working with animal shelters over there, it became apparent that while these shelters were caring for the animals, the root cause was yet to be addressed.

Allowing un-neutered cats and dogs to roam meant that puppies and kittens were being born onto the streets at an alarming rate, with a grim life ahead of them.

Therefore, Miracle’s Mission came into existence with the main aim to neuter stray animals on the streets of Borneo and decrease the population of dogs and cats suffering.

After a trip to Egypt, Miss Bryceson met and fell in love with Ella, a disabled dog she rescued and brought back to the UK to be cared for.

Crediting Ella with all she now knows she said: “It took about three months to get Ella back from Egypt and it was the hardest three months of my life.

“I spent the time converting my garage and garden to make them safe for her. As soon as she arrived, and I got her into some wheels she was a different dog.

“She inspired me to do more. Every vet said with her injuries she should be put to sleep but once they met her, they changed their minds.

“When she first got into her wheels she just took off, she ran and ran with no hesitation it was like she got her life back.

“When we went out for walks and met other dogs she was always at the front running and just loving her freedom."

Caring for a disabled dog can be a daunting idea but she insists the love you get back is second to none.

The 34-year-old from New Harraby said: “I have never been as happy in my life, seeing the pure joy and happiness of the dogs and the love you get from them and the bond you make; I don’t have enough words to describe the feeling.”

Ella had a severed spinal cord and had been to Spain for tests but there was nothing they could do but that didn’t stop her living a full and happy life.

Hoping to encourage people to adopt pets with special needs the charity boss said: “People think it would be too difficult to look after a dog with wheels, but they adapt really well. If you have a house with stairs, they live downstairs or you can take them upstairs and put a baby gate at the top. It really is not difficult. They tend to connect with you more.”

Shocked and surprised by being named rescue of the year she said: “It came out of the blue, it is so nice to be recognised for the work we’re doing, but this is Ella's award she is the one who taught me everything I know and she is the reason I do what I do.”

Walkin’ Pets proudly named Miracle’s Mission the 2021 Rescue of the Year. The rescue focuses on the hardest to adopt pets, believing that “adopting a special needs pet will change your life, your world, your outlook, your priorities and all for the better.”

Miracle’s Mission is devoted to helping other pets with special needs, like Ella and helping them get loving forever homes of their own. Miracle’s Mission, along with Ella and other incredible handicapable animals saved by the rescue will all be included in the 2021 Walkin’ Pets Calendar along with 13 other winners from around the world.

The annual contest features pets using their Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs, helping raise pet mobility awareness and celebrate these incredible animals.

Dogs aren’t the only special needs animals entered this year, contestants included goats, sheep, ducks and even a chicken.

If you wish to help Miracle’s Mission visit