A COMMUNITY group has announced that's going to host a Halloween Pumpkin Trail and Monster Hunt.

The Brampton Acting Together Group has announced the event on October 31.

A spokeswoman for the group said: "It’s a trail, you have to spot the pumpkins as you walk around that are in people’s windows or doorways.

"You can go out pumpkin spotting anytime you want to but if you want to win a treat bag then you will need to complete a monster hunt on the trail.

"The monster hunt is just like a treasure hunt with some clues for you solve.

"If you solve the clues and find the monsters you can take your answer sheet down to the Howard Arms where you will receive a goody bag from 'Ruth the Ruthless' and 'Andrew the Alchemist'

"If you would like to be part of the pumpkin trail itself you will need to register for your free pumpkin - there are family sharing treat bags to be won

"When you get your pumpkin carve it into a design you like, when it’s ready take picture.

"You or a parent or both must be in the picture with your pumpkin then upload your photo to the bat group.

When you’ve put a light inside it display in a window near the pavement or doorway where it can be seen.

"Kids, you will need an adult to help you carve and to light it up your pumpkin.

"The photos will be judged and three winning households will win a family sharing treat scare pack each."

To register, for further details and take part send a message on the groups Facebook page.

Alternatively, email bramptonbat@gmail.com