The efficiency of the Test and Trace system has been called into question after a woman was told to self-isolate one week after coming into contact with someone who had tested positive.

Kerry McPhee, of High Harrington, has spoken out about a "fiasco" she experienced around Test and Trace.

She said: “Last Sunday I was at the Lodore Falls Hotel, I got a text from Test and Trace saying I’ve been in contact with someone the Saturday before.

“One week and a day later they were telling me I’d been near someone who had tested positive and I needed to self-isolate.”

After contacting the local public health authority she learned that she would only need to self isolate for one week rather than the full stretch of quarantine – 14 days.

“I phoned them and said is it not two weeks from the day you’re notified?," she said. "I’ve been out and about for eight days, suddenly I get this text and my life has to stop.”

Kerry feels that Covid-19 restrictions are not consistent enough.

She added: “What a fiasco. I just think, no wonder people are confused.”

Kerry was forced to take one week of unpaid leave but Allerdale Council are set to award her a one-off payment in reimbursement.

The national Test and Trace Support Payments offer a single payment of £500 to individuals who have received instructions to self-isolate, if their period of self-isolation started on or before September 28.

Kerry said: “It was only me that had to self-isolate.”

Her husband was told he did not need to self-isolate despite living in the same household as someone who had been in contact with coronavirus.

Conservative MP for Workington, Mark Jenkinson, said: “While no system will ever be perfect, we’ve been commended in Cumbria.”

“We have a fantastic test and trace team in Cumbria.

"Funding was provided by Government and the local team play a huge part in our process.

“People can only be informed once we’re aware of a positive test.”