HALLOWEEN is just around the corner and many Cumbrians across the county will be looking for the spookiest places in the area to explore and ghost hunt.

Luckily, there are many pubs and hotels in the region which are said to be haunted by some ghouls – you have probably visited some of them without knowing about their haunted past.

Some pubs are said to be home to some poltergeist activity, while one is even stalked by a frightening ‘grey lady’.

Here are five places that are meant to be haunted in our area.

Crown and Mitre Hotel, English Street, Carlisle

This hotel was built in 1905 and there is a lot of history in the walls.

People claim that there are many ghosts in this hotel and several people have reported seeing orbs floating around the halls.

The Blacksmiths Arms, Brampton

The ghost of Maggie Stobart is still said to exist in the pub to ensure that all is well and the pub is being maintained.

According to reports, when she manifests she is dressed in Victorian clothing and usually has a smile on her face – but not always.

The Grey Goat Inn, Baggrow

Landlord and lady, Charles and Ainsley Wood, spoke to the News and Star earlier this month.

They said: “We have lots of ghosts here, one was even playing pool.

"There was three of us after hours and we could hear balls from the pool table next door dropping into the pockets.”

The Thin White Duke, Devonshire Street, Carlisle

The Thin White Duke used to exist as a monastery building, which has since been stylishly converted.

Most of the reported paranormal activity in this places is said to come from the

disused tunnels beneath the pub.

Kirkstone Pass Inn, Cumbria

As well as being regarded as one of the highest inhabitable buildings in Cumbria, this inn is also said to have a haunted past.

The building is thought to date back as far as the 15th century and many visitors have reported seeing ghost and apparitions of people who have long since passed away.

Legend has it that the ghost of Ruth Ray haunts the inn; she is said to warn visitors about when the weather is set to turn bad.