A football-mad father and son have come up with a novel way of predicting the new League Two season - with a marble race.

Ben Selfe and his three-year-old son lined up 24 marbles, all in different colours to represent the division's clubs, along an obstacle course.

They sent them along a football-themed track where they had to negotiate referees, training ground and stadium.

They filmed races for League Two, League One, Championship and Premier League - with the fourth tier up first.

It saw Cumbrian clubs Carlisle United and Barrow in the mix - and it's safe to say one fared better than the other.

Check out the video below to see how the Blues got on. The League Two race starts 57 seconds in.

Ben says he and his son began making marble race tracks to keep themselves entertained during lockdown, and challenged their friends online to guess which marble will win each race which they film and upload to YouTube.

Ben, a Bristol City supporter, said “Our first attempt at using our marble races to make predictions went horribly wrong.

"We weren’t even close to being right, so we want to redeem ourselves. Our latest track is much more intricate and comprehensive so we’re confident our predictions will be more accurate this time round.

“It took us a couple of days to make this track and make sure it all worked. We made it out of football memorabilia like my collection of match-day programmes, my dad’s childhood Subbuteo collection, and a football themed flower pot I painted years ago!”

Marble racing has enjoyed a rise in interest during the Covid-19 lockdown. Ben added: “Our races are unique because we make them out of whatever we find lying around the house, so they tend to reflect our personalities.

"We’ve used books, toys, a paddling pool, a BBQ, a xylophone, an old wardrobe door and even a life-size cardboard cut-out of Jeremy Corbyn.

"It’s only a bit of fun, but people have told me that when they pick a marble to support they find themselves screaming at the screen urging them on to victory."