Flood plans which would have protected properties in Alston have been put on hold due to funding.

A presentation by Emma Simons, project lead officer for Cumbria County Council’s flood alleviation team, outlined that the three plans devised during a detailed consultation did not meet the requirements for Environment Agency funding.

Research and consultation was launched in the area following the devastating flooding in 2013.

Claire Driver, who is a county councillor for Alston and East Fellside, said: “We had three options that could be done based on our investigations.

“We saw a video through the full length of the mill race; it was amazing to watch.”

Essentially, the works would not protect enough homes to justify the investment required.

“We got funding for the initial investigations and the next stage was to put proposals together to get the next lot of funding.

“We were looking for funding from the Environment Agency for any of the schemes but part of that was that we had to meet the minimum cost-benefit ratio for the figures given for each scheme.”

She reassured residents that this was not the end of the road and that work would continue to find alternative funding.

A spokeswoman for Alston Moor parish council said: “Members of the Cumbria County Council flood alleviation team attended and project lead officer Emma Simons gave a presentation which detailed the consultation and research that had been undertaken on Alston Moor, following the flooding in 2013.

“Due to the low numbers of properties at risk across the moor, unfortunately Ms Simons reported that there was insufficient funding available and therefore the study was closed and ‘put on the shelf’ until such a time that more funding became available.”

It was revealed in the same meeting there was a plan to install a memorial bench in memory of Dick Phillips, who died last year.

The councillor had given 35 years of service to the council and was a highly influential and respected member in the community.

It was announced that the planned location would be next to the river in Nenthead where he lived. Fundraising had been taking place to make this proposal a reality.

After a brief discussion, however, a motion was approved unanimously that the council would fund the entire cost of the bench.

Any other money raised could possibly fund a second bench or an “alternative and fitting tribute” to Mr Phillips.

Concerns were raised during the meeting about the proposed local Government reorganisation. Michael Hanley expressed concern that more centralisation of power would not be good for Alston Moor.