A HEADTEACHER has been left shocked and disgusted after their play equipment has been vandalised and not for the first time.

Staff and pupils at St Michael's Primary School, Dalston returned to the school on Monday to find the play equipment had been vandalised.

Julie Paisley, headteacher, explained how this wasn't the first time the school had been targeted and the cost to replace the equipment would cost thousands.

"We've had a couple of instances were we've had some vandalism over the last year or so," she said

"On Monday morning I came in to school and realised that some of the play equipment had been vandalised.

"The play equipment has only been installed for about two years or so.

"The climbing walls looks like it has been kicked and shattered. So no the children cannot use it, it's unsafe and it's obviously going to have to be repaired."

On the field the school also has a gazebo that is sometimes used as an outdoor classroom which has also been damaged.

A huge amount of rubbish, including crisp packets and sweet wrappers, were also left strewn across the field - enough to fill two black bin bags.

Miss Paisley said: "It was devastating on Monday morning because apart from anything we have so much on our plates at the moment that actually we don't need that as extra to deal with.

"But just the fact as well that it's mindless and it has such an impact on the children and the staff.

"It just seems so ridiculous and so unfair and then obviously there is the cost implications which everyone knows schools and budgets aren't wonderful at the moment."

The school are in the process of getting a MUGA installed, it has been noticed that vandals have climbed the fencing and disturbed the ground work on this too.

Anyone with information should contact the school.