An extraordinary meeting of Silloth town council is due to be held tomorrow evening.

The meeting, which will be held by Zoom at 7pm, is to determine some factors that arose at the previous meeting held earlier this month.

The agenda, which is posted on the town council’s website, said: “Councillor James Snaith – to ascertain why in the council meeting on September 7 he stated to the full council that STAG was still under investigation from Cumbria Police, as per minute 674 from September 7.

“Cllr Snaith decided to go to the police as he had serious concerns that funding was being misappropriated and was therefore within his right to do so.

“Cllr Snaith said: ‘The police have stated that there is a case to answer but at the present time there is not quite enough evidence to take it to the Crown Prosecution Service,’ when the police confirmed as seen in the News & Star on September 10 that there was no further action to be taken. So, no case to answer.”

The council will consider a proposal put forward by two councillor to make a formal apology to "Silloth Tourism Action Group and its suppliers for allowing victimisation at the meeting."

To join the meeting tomorrow evening, visit: