RESCUERS had to be called when a lone walker strayed from the path and ended up in steeper ground.

Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team were called at about 6pm on Tuesday evening to search for a cragfast lone walker who had inadvertently strayed into steep ground in the Buttermere area.

A spokesman for the rescue team explained: “She’d had a bit of a slip and was cragfast, but uninjured.

“She was unable to safely retrace her steps so did the right think and called for help.

“She was uncertain of her exact location, but thankfully visibility was good and the team leader, acting on a hunch worked out pretty much exactly where she was based on what she could see from her location.

“Blue team were mobilised, however, once it became apparent that this may turn into a bigger job, the red team was also mobilised as a socially distanced back up, in case they were needed.

“The casualty was raised back up the crag and evacuated on a short rope to Newlands Hause to the team vehicles, a little tired but otherwise well.”

The operation took three hours and involved about 16 volunteers.

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