A SORDID history of prisoners and slavery with ghosts and ghouls thrown in the mix, Carlisle Castle will be opening its door this Halloween to share it's bone-chilling past.

Carlisle Castle has had a fascinating history. After the defeat of the Jacobites in 1746, prisoners were sent by the Hanoverian government – the British government of the day - to Carlisle Castle and locked in the dungeons.

At one time, there were more than 300 prisoners, eventually most were sent for trial.

But, 90 prisoners remained and were kept crammed into cramped and dark dungeons

Vic Cunningham, Property Manager for Carlisle Castle said: “Halloween week seems a timely moment to explore the fascinating, and at times, dark history of Carlisle Castle. The event is suitable for those aged 16 and above. So wrap up warm, bring a torch and find out more about the past.”

Tickets must be booked in advance,tours start at 7pm and 8.30pm on Wed 28 - Sat 31 Oct.