A NORTH Cumbrian author is set to release his third children’s book this year - with potentially another two on the horizon.

John Miles, from Castle Carrock, is a long time author of books that encourage people to think more consciously of the animals around them.

His children’s books focus on reconnection children with animals by educating them about different creatures such as the dung beetle or the urban fox.

John said: “The way I look at it is at an early stage the adult reads to the child and learns, and then in the end the child reads.

“That information is going through not just through the children but the adults as well.

“The child in the future is going to be our future, the future of the planet, and knows he isn’t to do this, that, or the other, and is to enjoy nature.”

This year he has released: The Return of Kitty the Toon, Liver the Cormorant, and Renta Dung Beetle.

He also has two more in the works: Roxy the Golden Eagle and Renta Polecat.

You can buy the books directly through John by visiting https://www.chickbooks.co.uk/