FARM groups have set up their Fodder Bank to help those Cumbrian farmers who will be going into winter with a shortage of grass and fodder.

The National Farmers Union says those farmers affected by the very wet winter, followed by dry spring and extended period of hot and dry weather can contact the Fodder Bank.

NFU Vice President Tom Bradshaw said: “The recent dry weather is just the latest weather event to significantly impact farming this year. The very wet winter followed by a dry spring meant the whole of the country was badly affected by a lack of grass and crop growth.

“The soaring temperatures we have experienced recently has taken its toll on any remaining crop growth just before harvest and grass growth needed for livestock feed. This has left many livestock farmers concerned about a shortage of grass for feed and arable farmers worried about soil conditions for planting next year’s harvest."

The Fodder Bank will match up farmers in need with those who have fodder available.