AS GAS safety week is taking place this week, residents are being reminded of how to stay safe in their homes.

It is the tenth anniversary of this annual week of awareness raising surrounding gas safety.

Each year, thousands of people pledge their support to share resources and tips on staying safe.

Knowing the six signs of Carbon Monoxide poisoning is important - headaches, dizziness, breathlessness, nausea, collapse, and loss of consciousness - as well as what can cause Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

The campaign is also stressing the importance of keeping chimneys and vents clear. The latter enables gas appliances to burn properly.

Gas appliances should be regularly checked for potential warning signs that they might not be working properly.

This could include "lazy yellow flames" instead of a blue flame, or black marks around the appliance.

It is also just generally encouraging people to spread the word and discuss gas safety with family, friends, and neighbours, to ensure they're aware.

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