The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Allerdale Council's services will be scrutinised by a new group.

The council's overview and scrutiny committee agreed at a virtual meeting yesterday to the formation of a task and finish group to focus on the effects of COVID-19 on the authority.

The group will be made up of committee members Michael Heaslip, Carni McCarron-Holmes and Paul Scott and Councillor Elaine Lynch and will pay particular attention to the Test and Trace system.

They will report their findings back to the committee and could make recommendations for their fellow councillors to vote on.

A report from Ian Hinde, the council’s policy officer for scrutiny and partnerships, had recommended the group be formed because it would allow detail and time to be dedicated to the topic.

In a report prepared before yesterday's meeting, he added: "This proposed group is intended to look at this council’s operations, including delivery of services, overall operational situation, health and safety of staff including home working conditions and access to office bases, and plans to resume or reshape services and facilities for the future.

"The Test and Trace aspect could constitute a distinct element of the process which will take a broader look at the overall scheme as well as the council’s role in solutions both current and future."