Three members of the team at a Cumbrian accountants have been given the opportunity to further their education.

David Allen employees Michael McCaul, accounts senior, and Hannah Reay and Rob Currie, both accounts assistants, will be supported through business college where they will study to achieve chartered accountancy status.

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic the trio will be attending training provided by Kaplan remotely.

Lectures will be held online in virtual classrooms, with studying and coursework completed in their own time at home.

Rob said: “It’s going to be different to what we had expected but an exciting opportunity.

"It’s nice to have the support of others too, so you don’t feel like you are doing this alone.

"The whole team works together very well and there is always someone who can point you in the right direction.”

Hannah added: “We are all looking forward to expanding our accountancy knowledge and using this to share best practice with others.

"Continuing our personal development is important to all of us and the chartered qualification will open up new opportunities for us too.”

All three of the chartered accountants will be able to work alongside each other and will also receive support from other staff at David Allen.