A UNIVERSITY policing course student racially abused a man outside a Workington nightspot.

Olivia Glasson denied committing any offence during a flashpoint outside Padua’s, Washington Street, just after 3am on January 26 last year.

But 20-year-old Glasson was convicted, unanimously after a trial, of ‪racially aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress‬, and has been told by a judge there appears “little chance” of her now joining the police.

CCTV captured an initial incident involving the victim, Charles Peat, and Glasson’s mother. Carlisle Crown Court heard Glasson - aged 18 at the time - then became embroiled, calling Mr Peat “black” and telling him to “go home”. Her words were also heard by a club doorman.

Summarising a statement made by Mr Peat about the impact of the crime, prosecutor Andrew Ford said: “He says he sustained some anxiety and some worries about being away at university, with his parents at home who he feels he couldn’t held were there another encounter; and some loss of confidence.”

Jack Troup, defending, said Glasson maintained her denial, adding: “She has started university and they are well aware of this offence.”

No violence had been used by Glasson during the incident, stressed Mr Troup, who pointed to her previous good character and tender age at the time.

Judge Nicholas Barker was scathing of the “appalling behaviour”, during the early stage of the incident, of Glasson’s mother who, he noted, had been “drunk, argumentative, aggressive, out of control”.

“Without her conduct that night I am quite convinced this incident would not have happened,” he said. “If this conviction impacts upon your future then no doubt she will share some of the responsibility for that, as indeed she should.”

Judge Barker imposed a six-month community order comprising a three-month night-time curfew, plus £250 costs.

“It was a very cruel, unpleasant and clearly very deliberate remark designed to make offence,” the judge concluded.

He noted Glasson, of Garth Road, Westfield, Workington, was a policing course student who harboured hopes of joining a force.

But he added: “I think there is perhaps little chance of that now.”