An animal charity is urging pet owners to let their dogs out of hot cars – before they are seriously affected.

With temperatures soaring, dog owners are being warned of the dangers of leaving their pooches in hot cars.

Even with windows left open, a car holds heat, and can cause dehydration and heat stroke for your pet.

And staff at Oak Tree Animals' Charity, at Carlisle, have shared their concerns, with head of animal welfare, Caroline Yon saying: “Even with a window slightly open, the inside can become deadly within a very short period of time."

In high temperatures, ensure pets have plenty of fresh water, a cool place to lie down, and walked on the pavement or road only when surfaces are cool enough for their paws.

For more information, or for advice on how to care for your dog in the warmer weather, visit the Oak Tree Animals' Charity website, or contact the team on 01228 560082.