A PASSIONATE dog owner is hoping her plans to provide safe overnight kennelling for dogs will get approval.

The owner of show dogs, Nicola Rear, has opened Keylangs Fun to Run at Aspatria Business Park, which is offering owners the chance to let their pets off the lead in a safe environment.

Currently, the owner has a safe place for the dogs to play and hope to be able to host more activities which will include raising money for animal rescues.

Feeling there isn't a safe place to let dogs run round she said: “We don’t have a doggy daycare in the area and I really want to be able to offer somewhere safe for people to take their pets and not have to worry about other dogs.

“We are already offering pet play days and this is important for the dogs to make friends and socialise.

“The expansion would consist of a doggy daycare centre, grooming salon and boarding kennels.

“With the customers, we have already, and the services we would like to offer, we would be able to offer a one-stop bespoke service meaning much less stress for both customers and dogs.”

By entering the plans she hopes to make the changes permanent and offer more to the dog-loving community.

She added: "The boarding kennels would always have staff and parking would only be for collection and drop off purposes. We can easily accommodate 12 cars in the compound at the moment.

"We will also be able to help with behavioural therapy for dogs and help owners train them.

"We already host play dates and plan on having tea parties with afternoon tea for the humans and special treats for the dogs.

"We will have insulated kennels of the correct size and the runs attached would be for the boarding dogs, all runs would be all-weather suitable.

"My hope would be for 10 or 12 boarding kennels.

"The doggy daycare dogs would be combined with the boarders so there would never be more than 20 dogs on-site at any time."

The experienced owner is looking forward to continuing her hard work with the four-legged friends.

Retrospective planning has been submitted to convert a meat supply business into the centre and it will create four part-time jobs.

The centre already offers indoor and outdoor space for the dogs to mingle or have space to themselves and they hope to be able to offer more.