A SNEAKY serpent has been rescued after being found in a back garden.

The stealthy snake is now in the capable hands of exotic animal rescue, Cozy Critters which is based in Silloth.

The corn snake was discovered in the garden of a home in Sandy Lonning, Maryport.

The snake has a docile nature and a reluctance to bite. They’re simple to care for and are kept as pets but, worryingly, they look like the venomous copperhead and are often killed as a result of this mistaken identity.

Founder of the rescue Liam Tanner, 22, said: “We got a call about a snake in someone’s garden in Maryport.

“When we got there we found a corn snake. We hope it has just escaped from someone as they’re known for it, but I’m a little worried it has been dumped.

“At the moment we are caring for it and making sure it is well, but we’re hoping to find the owners and reunite them.”

The police have been informed of the find and a force spokesman said: “We were called at 9.31pm on Thursday by an exotic animal rescue centre, informing us they had found a reptile.”