New data shows that Carlisle has the highest rate of smokers in north Cumbria.

Across the Carlisle area, 17.7 per cent of the population smokes cigarettes, higher than the England average of 13.9 per cent.

This is higher than other areas in the north of the county - 15.5 per cent of Allerdale and 14.6 per cent of Copeland smokes.

The only part of north Cumbria with a percentage of smokers below the national average is Eden - only 8.3 per cent of its population smokes.

This data has been collated by online vaping retailer Vape Club, based on official Public Health England figures.

The retailer is running a campaign to encourage people to quit smoking cigarettes, and to consider vaping as a healthier alternative.

Blackpool has the highest population percentage of smokers in the north west of England, at 23.4 per cent.

The north west of England overall also has a higher prevalence of smokers than England, with 14.5 per cent of its population smoking.