A CONCERNING increase in coronavirus cases across the county has prompted a plea to stick to social distancing guidelines.

The figures come from the latest covid-19 status report for Cumbria which was published today - the weekly report sets out key virus statistics across the county.

There have been a total of 59 new positive cases confirmed across in the last week which is an increase of 12 on the previous week.

In the week ending Tuesday August 4, local contact teams have traced 47 cases and identified 114 contacts.

The report also shows that Carlisle and Eden have some of the highest testing rates in England and high levels of contact tracing by teams across Cumbria.

While health chiefs describe the increase as "concerning" the local multi-agency Cumbria Health Protection Board is closely monitoring the situation.

It remains well below the levels that saw local lockdowns in Greater Manchester.

Colin Cox, Cumbria’s director of public health, said: “While this very slight upward trend is not what we want to see, the numbers remain very low.

“We are not seeing the levels that have prompted the tightening of measures we have seen in other parts of the north west.

“We are also seeing increasing activity by our Cumbria teams who are actively contact tracing, and we are pleased to see both Carlisle and Eden as two of the highest areas for the number of tests being carried out in England

“It is also very clear that the virus is still circulating and being passed between local people in the community, so we must not think that the risk has gone away.

"Only by continued vigilance and following the basic public health guidance will we prevent the number of people being infected growing again.

"We are urging people living in, and visiting, Cumbria to adhere to social distancing guidelines, wash your hands regularly and to provide good quality contact details to any venues you visit.

"If you are getting a taxi we would also advise you to wear a mask and wear them in shops and other indoor settings where it is advised.”

The key public health messages remain to wash or sanitise hands regularly, observe social distancing rules, wear face masks or coverings in enclosed public spaces

If you have symptoms, self-isolate and get tested.

For information about the report go to: www.cumbria.gov.uk/stopthespread