Allerdale Council is asking residents to be considerate when parking, after its waste collection teams have found their lorries unable to pass by parked vehicles.

The local authority has explained that in a number of areas across the borough, its collection teams have been unable to recover waste from some properties, as cars parked on streets have prevented their lorries from passing through.

A spokesman for Allerdale Council said: "Please park considerately.

"It's important that when you leave your car or van outside on the street that there's enough room for another larger vehicle such as an ambulance, fire engine or bin lorry to pass.

"The crews from Allerdale Waste Services have reported a number of areas across the borough where cars are blocking access and the crews are therefore unable to collect the bins from some properties.

"This is impacting on the service we can offer you and your neighbours.

"Don't block the roads with your vehicle - a bin lorry and similar-sized emergency vehicle would need about two car widths to pass through."