A COCKERMOUTH teenager says she will not be riding her bike until the weekend – which is hardly surprising since Freya Hope, 13, rode 210 miles with her family last weekend to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Freya said she was reluctant when her dad, Chris, first suggested the ride.

“He’s a good cyclist and I take after him,” she said. “My auntie works with people with Alzheimer’s so we decided to raise money because of her.”

In the end the trip became a family affair.

Chris and Freya were joined by Freya’s mother, Helen Hope, and her brother Tom who is 11.

“They are also quite good cyclists.” said Freya.

“The ride, from Workington to Tynemouth, took us two days.

“I didn’t want to carry on on the second because was so tired. I got on my bike and after about an hour I was fine again.

“My brother Tom is bonkers. He says he never got tired.”

Freya, a student at Cockermouth School, said cycling has helped her during lockdown.

“I have been out on my bike a lot. I try to do between 400 and 600km (250 to 270 miles) a month and each month I also try to do at least one ride of 100km.

“It has really helped me during lockdown. I’ve been riding a lot. I’ve been cycling all my life. I really enjoy it.”

She is delighted, too, at the money she has raised for the charity.

“Last time I looked it was over £1,000.but it keeps growing.

“We have started a crowd funding link so anyone who wants to sponsor us or give to the charity “

But would se doe it again: “Em, I don’t know. Yes. Probably. But not this year.”

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