Residents of Copeland are being encouraged to take part in a Cycle to Work Day with a difference.

Cycle to Work Day takes place on Thursday.

This year the public can earn prizes for cycling anywhere, for any reason, as they are being encouraged to take up cycling for its health benefits.

The event is being called Who? What? Where? Day.

Participants can register with the Love to Ride Cycle Scheme and log their journeys to earn rewards. includes leaderboards and a chance to interact with friends.

The UK Government is currently promoting a cycle-to-work scheme launched in July with some doctors prescribing the exercise to tackle ill-health. The scheme sees employers encouraging their staff to cycle to work rather than driving or taking public transport.

Cycling is being encouraged for its health benefits and environmental impact.

Discounts on cycling gear are available through Cyclescheme for those who intend to use them on their commute to work.