After losing a family member in the Scottish hills despite Mountain Rescue’s help, three youngsters are continuing to do their bit to make sure others are kept safe when out and about.

Mum-of-three Jennifer McGrath is dedicated to giving back to the priceless teams that help in the scariest situations in the countryside, and, with her three little helpers, aims to give a proper thanks to Wasdale Mountain Rescue for all they do.

Youngsters James, eight, Phoebe, six, and two-year-old Ethan have set themselves the challenge to walk or cycle 500 miles during the 42 days of the summer holidays.

And with such an impressive feat to tackle, Irton woman Jenny couldn’t be more proud of her determined trio.

“I’m really proud of them all – my littlest is only two and he just plods along, and none of them ever complain,” she said.

“They all find it hilarious when they’re soaking wet and out cycling or walking in the rain!”

She added: “It’s going really well for them at the moment. So far they’ve raised £525, and already done almost half the miles they planned – they’ll probably end up doing even more than they’re meant to!”

Two years ago, the family were devastated to lose Jenny’s dad while he was out walking, despite Mountain Rescue’s best efforts to find him.

But with their fundraising efforts, his grandchildren honour his memory and make him proud.

“He’d be dead proud of us, I think,” Jenny said. "Doing this sort of thing helps us cope, and if he was ever to donate to anyone it would be to [Mountain Rescue].

“It’s such an important cause. There have been so many avoidable call-outs and a rise in calls for them recently, and they’re all volunteers, so every penny helps.

“The three of them get so excited when I get an email to say we’ve had another donation, it makes them so happy and excited, and I know they’re proud of themselves for it too.”

To show your support for the fundraising fanatics, visit their JustGiving page at